Secondary School

The IC Secondary School is a three-year cycle made up of four separate programs: The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program which follows a curriculum set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education; The French Baccalaureate Program which follows a curriculum set by the French Ministry of Education; the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program; and The American College Preparatory Program (CPP), a non-baccalaureate diploma program.

The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program is available to all students in either an English or French track for core subjects including math and sciences. In the French track, English is taught as a third language and vice versa. In both tracks, Social Studies, History, Geography, Civics, Sociology and Economics, are taught in Arabic with the study of Arabic Literature and language mandatory. In the second year, students chose a focus in humanities or sciences and specialize still more specifically in the third year.

The French Baccalaureate Program is designed to meet the needs of foreign and Lebanese students who wish to pursue the French Baccalaureate. All core subjects are taught in French. Upon successful completion of the Lebanese or French Baccalaureate program, students are eligible to enter at the sophomore level in all Lebanese and many European and North American universities. It should be mentioned that some students pursue both the Lebanese and French Baccalaureate simultaneously.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a demanding two-year curriculum with a rigorous assessment component. It meets the needs of highly motivated students and prepares them for university by encouraging them to ask challenging questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong sense of identity and culture, communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures. The IB diploma is recognized by universities around the world. Students admitted to the IB program hold a second nationality in addition to Lebanese, or they have an exemption from the Lebanese official program allowing them to engage in a non-Lebanese program. A good knowledge of English is a prerequisite as it is the language of instruction.

The College Preparatory Program (CPP) is a three-year course modeled on an American high school program. It is designed for foreign and Lebanese students who meet Lebanese government requirements for exemption from Arabic language study. As in the baccalaureate programs, students chose a focus in humanities or sciences. Required courses include Math, Sciences, English, Social Studies, and French with Arabic language at varying levels.

The Community Service Program

Participation in the Community Service Program is mandatory for all IC Secondary School students. Students select two community projects per year, ranging from helping to raise awareness of environmental issues, volunteer at orphanages, and centers for the aged, infirmed and disabled. 

Upcoming Events

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