Joint Communique from the Board of Trustees and IC's Administration Re a Meeting with an Independent Group of Ain Aar Parents on Monday, April the 30th
Posted 05/02/2018 10:33AM
Dear Ain Aar Parents,

IC’s Board of Trustees and Administration remain in continuous endeavors to find a solution in Ain Aar, in order for normal school life to resume at the earliest time. 

Following a meeting requested by an independent group of Ain Aar parents with the Board and the Administration with a representation of Ain Aar parents, this communiqué seeks to refute the false allegations and rumors currently circulating and to clarify the following points:

1. The Ain Aar campus is OPEN and ready to receive its students as soon as the forced freeze of the tuition increase and thus, the salary increase, due to the judge’s decision in     response to a claim submitted by an Ain Aar parent, is lifted. 
2. Ain Aar is not for sale, nor ever has it been. IC remains fully committed to its Ain Aar campus that helps it fulfill its vision for an inclusive school for all. 
In support of the above, the school remains committed to the construction of the auditorium, gymnasium and parking facility, pending a permit. In the meantime, IC will continue to upgrade the existing facilities.
3. The school strongly denies rumors of increases of $800 in next year’s tuition. 
4. It should be noted that last year’s budget, similar to this year’s except for the government-mandated increase, was signed by both the President and the Finance Committee members of the Ain Aar Parent Committee. 
5. The school absorbed the retroactive High Cost of Living, also mandated by the government, totaling $962,000. 
6. In accordance with the law, the previously advanced high cost of living and step increase were accounted for in this year’s increase. 
IC remains the school of choice for many families in Lebanon thanks to its 127-year history and its long-standing achievements, preparing its students to be the global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

We thank the independent group of parents for this initiative and we continue to rely on the historic support of all our IC parents.
Kind regards, 
The Board of Trustees and IC’s Administration 


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