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“I AM IC, a School’s Journey from Smyrna to Beirut”, traces the story of International College from its 1891 founding in the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna (today’s Izmir) to its present location in Beirut, Lebanon. The tale begins with Protestant Minister Rev. Alexander MacLachlan and his struggle to keep the school open through the tumult of World War I, the Greek-Turkish war and Turkish nationalism. The story continues with IC’s move to Beirut and its merging with the American University of Beirut’s Preparatory School. It was thought to be a safe move and one which would ensure IC’s survival. But once again, the school found itself having to find a way to live through the turmoil of Arab nationalism and the horrific 16-year Lebanese civil war while simultaneously struggling to become independent from AUB.

‘I am IC’, is a touching story of a school looking for a place it could finally call ‘home’.

"I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. For a school to have survived in those turbulent and troubled times both in Turkey and Lebanon is a testimony of the  faith the founding fathers and their successors had in their vision. You have beautifully managed to integrate the story of the school with the historical events of the time. I was also very impressed by the amount of research that went into your work. Without you much if IC’s history might have been lost forever. All in all, well done and congratulations."

Roderick Cochrane.


As we reflect on the accomplishments of our students this quarter, it brings us immense pride to share with you, through the pages of Inside IC, the myriad of achievements and engagements that have graced our school community.

Triumphant victories achieved and remarkable successes by our athletic teams on the fields, highlighted the strength of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.

Moreover, our commitment to education is exemplified through our diverse array of extracurricular activities. Students have actively participated in leadership trainings, fostering essential skills that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavours. Furthermore, our emphasis on civic engagement and service learning has empowered students to become proactive agents of change within their communities.

We recognize our students' active involvement in international competitions. Whether it be the captivating eloquence competition, Ambassadeurs Ambassadrices en Herbe arranged by the French embassy in Lebanon or the Mathématiques sans Frontières contest launched in Strasbourg, our students have demonstrated their intellectual wisdom and global cultural appreciation on a prominent platform.

Additionally, our students have immersed themselves in environmental activities, embraced the beauty of literature through reading, embarked on scientific explorations through experiments and site visits, and celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the Francophonie during la semaine de la francophonie.

Furthermore, our students have demonstrated a profound commitment to addressing pressing societal issues, from energy consumption to the safety of unlit roads. Through their advocacy and initiatives, they are achieving meaningful change within our local community.

Lastly, our physics IBII students embarked on an exclusive virtual visit to CERN in Geneva, providing them with a unique opportunity to delve into the forefront of scientific research and innovation.

In essence, the achievements, and engagements of our students this quarter underline the unwavering spirit of excellence and curiosity that defines our school community.

As we continue to nurture and inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators, and global citizens, I am confident that the future holds boundless opportunities for our students to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.

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