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Visual Arts Presentation

Nichole Swink

Last week, IB II Visual Arts students had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Dina Tabbara Zamili, an Art collector and patron who also creates workshops and talks for Art exploration. Invited by their Art teacher Mrs. Carine Arayssi Saad, Dina discussed the process of setting up an exhibition in preparation for the students’ upcoming show on March 22 and 23 in the Beirut Souks.

In preparation for the upcoming exhibition the discussion described the different functions of a gallery and the whole team that cooperates to produce it. Mrs. Tabbara explained the role of each member and the challenges that one can encounter when setting up an exhibition. Mrs. Arayssi Saad commented, “it is important to grasp the new skills we were taught to curate our own exhibition, and she inspired us to deliver our inner confidence when projecting our work.” Her discussion incorporated different ways in which the students’ work can be presented in order to draw in the audience and create purpose.

Mrs. Tabbara shared experiences of exploring artists who each have unique objectives within their work, which motivated IC’s young artists to strengthen the way they want to convey their work to the public. The curator explained the importance of exploring creativity within the message in order to capture the audience, as well as a way to make an impact on the viewer as he/she understands the artist’s process of work.

Another key element of the discussion was focusing on presenting the work within the space the artists encounter. Different positions can be explored to organize, present, or even carry the technical responsibilities in a gallery. Her engagement with this discussion made the students more aware of how they can deal with their own exhibition. Mrs. Arayssi Saad concluded, “We found her presentation inspiring and memorable, and her discussion can be used as a reference for our own benefit in the future.”