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Using Google Classroom for 21st Century Communication

Nichole Swink

With the school's switch to becoming a Google school with G Suite systems, IC now has increased connectivity within the school and with students around the world.  Middle School teachers Mr. Weighter and Ms. Zeinab are using Google Classroom to connect their students with Ms. Christine John's students in the United States.  For this project, students from 5ème English classes at IC are paired with Penpals at Scenic Middle School in Central Point Oregan, United States.  Over the course of the year, IC students will have the opportunity to build friendships and collaborate on writing projects with their Seventh-Grade, American Penpals.  The purpose of this project is two-fold: First, IC students will practice using English with native speakers; Second, students from both schools will have a chance to teach each other about the communities from which they come.  These kinds of projects help fulfill IC's Mission Statement of "empowering learners of today to be global citizen leaders of tomorrow.”  Mr. Weighter acknowledges, “becoming a global citizen means making friends from everywhere.  Hopefully, all of our students come away from the project with another friend from across the globe.”

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