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The Lion King

Richard Bampfylde

The Ras Beirut Elementary drama club have been performing their Lion King show all week and what a wonderful show it was. An excellent cast, choreography and setting, and all played out to the Lion King music. Parents were able to see the show on Wednesday night, with follow-up performances for students on Thursday and Friday.

53 students were involved in the production - each student having a line within the show. The whole crew worked extremely hard on this musical starting their preparations before the Christmas break. 

Carla and Tony Asfour produced and directed the show. In talking about the experience, the two reflected, "We remember the first day of drama practice. We went straight for the most difficult part of the whole process: learning a song entirely in Swahili. Reflecting back to that moment, we can confidently say that these kids are some of the most dedicated and passionate people we have ever met. From day one, they have invested in this play wholeheartedly. They memorized 122 pages of script and over 15 songs and choreographies. They did all that! For that, we take our hats off to them. They each brought something special and irreplaceable to the production. It would have never been possible without them! We are beyond proud! We are so excited to see what the future holds for these amazing kids! We couldn’t have asked for a better cast or a better drama family."

Bravo to all! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year...