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Solar Panels on the Roof of the Jaroudi Building

Richard Bampfylde

IC is very excited to announce to the community that the school has implemented solar PV panels on the roof of the Jaroudi building in the Ras Beirut Elementary School buildings. 

The school has for many years had a tradition of investing in, supporting and providing sustainability opportunities.  Indeed, IC was the first educational institution in the Middle East to receive the LEED Gold award for its green buildings in 2013 (the new Elementary facilities).  IC’s academic programs offer a vast range of sustainability units built into the curriculum, and the new IC Responsibility platform and committee (launching in January 2019) is being established to help further guide the school on sustainability initiatives under the framework of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Interestingly, just last year, the PYP Exhibition, featuring projects from Grade 5 / CM2 in Ras Beirut, showcased student projects with all students opting to align their research and actions under the SDGs.

This new development, with 296 PV modules, will allow for approximately 10% of the Elementary school facilities energy costs to be reduced, with the entire system being paid back over just four years, with a 86KW peak and PV efficiency of 16.9%.  

The carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases reduction per year are approximated at 96 metric tons.  This is the equivalent to over 20 cars driven for one year, 222 barrels of oil consumed or nearly 15 homes’ worth of electricity per year.

The impact on SDG 13 Climate Action therefore is very large indeed and, due to the interconnected and interrelated nature of the SDGs, many other SDGs and their individual targets are touched upon by this very worthwhile project. 

The school hopes to continue to be a pioneer and leader in its community and the country as a whole and hopes that other schools and educational institutions will move to investing in solar-panel technology in the near future.  With 300 days of sunshine each year, Lebanon is an ideal place for harnessing the energy of the sun.  As the country’s energy (electricity in particular) resources are limited, this fact is well worth exploiting for the benefit of the whole population.  

Students coming to school each day will see the solar panels and study them in their classrooms, and we are sure that when they go home and discuss their day with their parents, this will be a hot topic and in turn parents could well adopt solar PV technology for their homes or businesses.

Thank you to all those who have generously supported this wonderful project.

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