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Silk Road Interdisciplinary Challenge

Marie Helene Gholam

Tuesday, June 18: Grade 7 students showcased their fantastic Silk Road interdisciplinary project and learning journey with performances, stands, items for purchase and food. The students show-cased their work that involved the Social Studies, Science, English, Arabic and music subjects. They spoke about their research, read their poems and stories in English and Arabic and performed their own musical compositions all of which were inspired by the Silk Road countries they researched. The students linked present-day silk road countries to old ones through the use of QR codes on their posters that allowed guests to travel back in history and see the videos starring the students about these countries. The students were then available to answer any questions from parents and other invited guests. Also, the Red Cross were present because money collected from the Bazar which sold typical Silk Road items will be donated to them. the items sold in the Bazar were a donation from parents for this cause. The students were able to proudly raise the amount of L.L. 2,400,000. Mabrouk to the students! And mabrouk to their teachers and the parents who supported this learning journey with so much commitment and enthusiasm. Check out our Facebook album for all the photos!