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Running for Lives

Nichole Swink

Middle School student Arwan Agha spent a lot of his free time early in the school year not only preparing for the Beirut Marathon but also raising money for the Salim El Hoss bioethics program (SHBPP) at the American University Beirut Medical Center.  This is a program that helps people who require medical attention but don’t have the funds to enter a hospital to receive the care they need. The program also uses its donations for researching the relationships between doctors and patients focusing on humane medicine that is patient-centered.

In order to collect money for the SHBPP cause, he created a website and completed the 21km marathon in just two hours and five minutes.  Arwan reflects, “this experience was amazing, it made me realize how much effort, passion and creativity you could put in a project that gives back to the community that you are living in.  The Beirut Marathon day was one of the best days of my life.  The cheering, dancing, singing, chants and feeling of happiness - It is one of the moments that, for a day, Lebanon puts its differences away and all unite for the sake of their country, to accomplish unity and equality.  What a day, what an experience, and finally, what an adventure!”

The Middle School and the rest of the IC community are proud of Arwan and congratulate him in not only reaching his monetary goal for donation but surpassing it by 45%!  All of his hard work and dedication paid off in the race and for his charity.

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