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PYP Exhibition 2019

Nichole Swink

The culminating activity of the Upper Elementary is the PYP exhibition. Throughout the process, the students of Grade 5 and CM2 utilized all the skills taught, and they embodied the different student profiles of the IB. The students learned to work through the process of acquiring knowledge and being able to analyze and evaluate that information to use it in many different aspects of life and education.

This year, in Ain Aar, students inquired about the different ways people are able to express themselves while Ras Beirut students explored Media Literacy through a plethora of topics. With teachers’ guidance, pupils wrote their own central ideas and lines of inquiry and conducted research by using both primary and secondary resources as well as face-to-face interviews. They took action by advocating and raising awareness about the importance of expression and Media Literacy in different ways. The students showed the process they passed through and all their research in an open air space for all to see and admire.

Parents, teachers and students were able to come along and experience what the PYPX participants learned through the process. The students engaged their audience with hands-on tasks in order to demonstrate the importance of their topics. It was a very successful exhibition.

Student testimonials following the completion of the PYP Exhibition:

- "During PYP Ex, we had the chance to learn how to work independently and in groups. We presented our work confidently. We had an amazing time over all."

- "We raised action by spreading awareness and advocating the importance of expression."

- "Researching and interviewing different people helped me become more knowledgeable."

- "The PYP Ex has made me feel more ready for Grade 6!"

-·"PYP Ex was a day I will never forget!"