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Middle School Math Collaboration

Bahera Abbas

Learning Support Middle School with the collaboration of the Math teacher Ms. Tamara Doumit implemented a Brain-Based Learning (BBL) activity following the Math and Movement (M&M) approach for Grade 6 C. Students were able to use a multi-sensory approach to understand the lesson. BBL engaged students using physical education, which enhances the thinking process, memory, focus, and learning and lowers the stress rate. The activity was prepared to use skill-building protocol memory, processing, sequence, and attention. Implementing the M&M using a multi-sensory approach, students learned about triangles and angles using visuals, auditory and kinesthetic elements. The exercise and movement between stations helped to enhance the working memory. While working and moving, students were listening to soft music that provided a relaxing environment in order to absorb new information into long–term memory. Students learned how to manage their time, as well, since they had to follow a limited time for each station. Students monitored the timer provided on the board.

The class of grade 6 C was divided into three stations: Sticky Notes station, Rainbow Tools, and Geo-Games. Students were able to brainstorm previous knowledge about types of triangles and their characteristics by jotting down some information using sticky notes. In the second station, students used measuring tools and documented their findings. In the third station, students were able to construct and be creative using hands-on materials. The exit ticket online activity, Jeopardy-style, was a sum up of the whole session.

The Learning Support objective was to emerge problem-solving skills, multidisciplinary approaches to content learning and social aspects of the learning process application. It embodies those qualities. The pedagogy used is gaining knowledge in action. Students were analytical and interacted with previous knowledge.  Knowledge in action re-engaged teacher and students. It minimized the time spent to understand a lesson per teacher's feedback. And, it created a collaborative fun environment of learning and teaching.