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Middle School Counseling Initiatives

Nichole Swink

There are many great outreach programs happening in the Middle School led by Ms. Diala Itani, the school counselor.  Because students are prone to many changes, peer pressure, academic stress among many other factors, these initiatives are in place to help students cope with the pressures of adolescents. Opening lines of communication helps guide pupils to talk to the right people and understand what outlets are available. 

Below shows Ms. Itani working with small groups of four to six students focusing a discussion on bullying - the person being bullied, the bully and the bystanders. In such a conversation, positive affirmation, passive aggressive and aggressive behavior and empowerment and self esteem are all addressed. 

Next, guest speaker Hiba Dandashli, social entrepreneur, influencer and motivational speaker talks to grade nine and 3ème students about her experience overcoming bullying when she was a teenager. She focused on learning how to love and accept yourself, how to be strong in spite of social pressure and how to love oneself unconditionally. 

Not only are there resources available for students, but coffee with the counselor keeps parents involved and aware as well.  Dr. Fadi Maalouf presents to parents about Internet, gaming and addiction.