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IC Senior and his Extraordinary Summer!

Nichole Swink

Over the summer, while interning at Caltech’s Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), Secondary School student Mohammad Khalil discovered a Brown Dwarf, getting himself published as a co-author in the upcoming CATWise papers on Brown Dwarfs.

He was able to work with some of the greatest physicists and astrophysicists in the world collaborating with Dr. George Helou and Dr. Emily Kramer tracking near-earth asteroids, joining Dr. J. Davy Kirkpatrick in searching for nearby Brown Dwarfs, and assisting with the NASA Exoplanet Archive in updating the archive website.  He has since been acknowledged on the NASA Exoplanet Website for his contributions.

Mohammad also had the chance to attend the Zwicky Transient Facility summer school - a three-day summer course for Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate students as well as attend the 60th Annual COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) Assembly at Pasadena.  Truly, an experience of a lifetime.

As Mohammad reflects on his six-week experience, he says, “this internship was extremely rewarding as I was able to work alongside some of the greatest physicists and astrophysicists in the world and live an experience that many space-lovers dream of living at a very young age.  Although it was intimidating at first to have to spend 6 weeks away from home living with people I had never met before and working with huge names in the community, the knowledge I gained and the people I had the chance to meet made it more than worth it.”

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