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IC Ain Aar Metn Football Tournament

Richard Bampfylde

May 11 to May 31 saw the IC Ain Aar Metn Football League tournament being held. Hosting only neighboring schools, the League depends highly on the availability of all the schools. This year four schools took part in the competition: Champville, Rossaire, B.E.S.G.E. and IC Ain Aar, and it was organized for three boys age groups grade 3-4, grade 5-6 and grade 7-8. The teams played in a spirit of sportsmanship, and the atmosphere was positive with crowds cheering for their respective teams. The president of the Ain Aar Parents Committee, Mr. Eli Fawaz, along with another Committee member Mrs. Vivianne Karam, were at the awards ceremony to crown the victors of each age group.

In the grade 3-4 age group, IC Ain Aar took the gold. Champville placed first in the grade 4-5 age group, and in the grade 7-8 age group Rossaire walked away with the trophy. A sincere thanks goes to Mr. Assad ElHajj for organizing the League in a most professional manner. 

For the academic year, 2019-2020 IC AinAar will organize Leagues in both football and basketball twice per year, and there are already eight schools registered for participation.