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IB Director General and Regional Manager Visit

Nichole Swink

Dr. Siva Kumari (Director General of the International Baccalaureate) and Mrs. Mary Tadros (IB Regional Manager, Development and Recognition in the Middle East at IBO) visited the PYP section at IC on Wednesday, March 27. They met with students, teachers, PYP coordinators and leaders. IC had the privilege to host this visit because it is the first school in Lebanon to offer the PYP program. During their visit, Dr. Kumari and Mrs.Tadros toured the Elementary and Preschool buildings, met administrators, teachers and PYP coordinators, visited some classes and met representatives from the student council. Students shared with Dr. Kumari the impact that the IBPYP program has on their learning and their personality.

When she visited Grade 3/CE1 classes, students were eager to share with Dr. Kumari their exploration of how human economic activities affect biomes. Not only were they able to explain the content of the unit, but they also demonstrated a solid understanding of the process of research, data collection, organization and presentation of their findings. Students took pride in showing Dr. Kumari the desert dioramas that they are in the process of creating to demonstrate their understanding of the characteristics of a desert biome, its unique fauna and flora and the responsibility that humans have in maintaining sustainable biomes.

Upon visiting Grade 5, Dr. Kumari enjoyed an open dialogue with students about their experience as IB-PYP learners. They eloquently explained how they take ownership of their own learning. They beamed with pride as they described their perception of themselves as self-efficient, problem-solving learners who are trying to make a positive change in their community. Throughout the discussion, students were able to link the attributes of the Learner Profile to actions that they have taken. Similarly, our senior PYP students described how they are setting smart goals for themselves in an attempt to “learn how to learn”. They highlighted the importance of the “approaches to learning” as fundamental skills that support them in attaining those goals.

These are some of the students’ comments that reflect the IB learner profiles translated into action:

“The learner profile helps us understand who we are”

“We take action to help others”

“I have changed from grade 1 till now, and I am becoming a better person”

“We create books to share our learning and express our ideas”

“We engage in our learning to help others”

The best way to summarize this authentic interaction between the head of the IBO and our PYP learners is to quote what Dr. Kumari said to grade 5 students when they were describing their learning experience at IC “My God, you are so involved!” Way to go our IB-PYP learners! Way to go IC!