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February 2021 In-service Day: A Professional Space for Wellbeing, Learning, and Reflection

IC Communications

We all strive to be lifelong learners, and for the faculty at IC, that involves professional development and continuous work on our teaching practices. On February 8, the ERC, in collaboration with the upper admin, directors, and pedagogical leaders organized a day of training for teachers. The day started with warm greetings from President Joel Peinado, VP for Academics Ms. Paula  Mufarrij, and Director of the ERC & Director of Technology Dr. Mahmud Shihab. They all expressed gratitude for the work of the faculty and staff and commended the resilience of all members of the IC family. Their kind words spoke volumes to the tenacity of our community. After the opening session, each school broke into 3  school level sessions.

Teaching is a practice and we can always adjust and tweak our practices. With a school as large as IC, there are many moving pieces, and the in-service day was planned to meet the different needs of the schools. Some of the breakout sessions looked into the updated Danielson Framework with a focus on teacher self-care and wellbeing. Sometimes it seems as if we all live at work, and it is important to remember to take breaks from our computers. There were also EdTech specific workshops to help us all improve our mastery of the online tools available for learning. These workshops focused on assessment and teacher efficacy in the digital learning environment. There were also level specific workshops on curriculum mapping to ensure the integrity of the covered curriculum in this academic year. IC strives to be efficient and transparent in the digital learning ecosystem. 

In addition, IC has begun working on our Self Study for re-authorization from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This program involves both the PYP and the DP programs. We are fortunate to have IB experts and IBEN members on faculty who graciously helped other faculty members become acquainted with the processes and needs of the re-authorization process. IC faculty and staff will continue working on the self-study this year to collect evidence of learning, reflect on the new IB standards and practices, and develop plans for future improvement and growth. We expect the IB visit to IC to take place in the spring of 2022.


Although we all wish to be back in person as soon as it is safe, it is comforting to know that even during the current situation, the IC faculty and staff are continuing to learn and develop their practices to best serve our students. In-service days help to hone skills and build community. We are building a brighter future, together.