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Community Service Outreach

Nichole Swink


Many students have found unique ways to contribute to IC’s community service program.  Here are a few wonderful examples…

Adriana Abi Fares was the only student in the Middle School to respond to the October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.  She chose to empower women dealing with breast cancer by donating 20 cm of hair.


"Even though I have recently cut my hair, but for a good cause, I would do it again...It will make someone happy," said Adriana.




Leila Safieddine spent her Sundays during summer vacation with children of the Ketermaya Syrian refugee camp.  It opened her eyes to people who are less fortunate and made her wonder how many more people in this world are suffering in the same way.  She wants to be part of a change and asks, "why are people neglecting this issue?  I hope to make a change one day in the lives of these kids. People should know that these refugees are human and deserve a prosperous future because just like us, they are worthy."








Ali Alamen was a community service volunteer at Step Together Association during the month of August.  During this time, he helped document the teaching resources for the academic year 2018-2019.  He also collaborated with the other workers engaging in social, physical and other activities with summer camp students, as well as sorted items for the workshop development.












Ali reflects on his experience saying, "it was a very nice experience that taught me basic interaction with special needs children which led to a sweet friendship with some members of the Step Together summer camp.  At some point, some good relationships were built, and we kept in contact after I completed my internship."

The IC community commends these students for taking the time and effort to become responsible citizens showing compassion for others in Lebanon.

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