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Bridging the Gap-Managebac Information Session

IC Communications

As a center of educational innovation for the MENA region, IC strives for efficiency and transparency in all that it does. The digitization of education is progressing at unprecedented speed and IC is at the forefront of this phenomena. The International Baccalaureate (IB), one of the premier international educational frameworks, is thoroughly integrated into the IC culture with nearly 2,000 of our 3,600 students engaging with the framework daily. The entire student body from Nursery/Petite section to Grade 5/CM2 uses the Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework, and about 30% of grade 11 and grade 12 students are enrolled in the Diploma Program (DP) as well. With so many students and teachers across both the Ain Aar and Ras Beirut campuses using the IB framework, it is important to stay organized and make sure both campuses are aligned academically.

In an effort to become more efficient, and to further align the curriculum between both campuses, the ERC hosted an information session on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 for PYP Directors and PYP curriculum coordinators about Managebac, an IB specific learning management system. The goals of this meeting were threefold-to determine if Managebac would be a positive addition to the PYP framework, gauge director and coordinator interest, and to possibly gain approval for a pilot program at the PYP level. The directors and coordinators thought Managebac was a positive addition, they were interested in the features of the system, and recommended to continue onto the pilot stage.


Managebac is an interactive cloud-based platform that streamlines and makes most school information accessible to teachers, parents, and students. Managebac is a place to house curriculum, assign tasks, it serves as a gradebook, as well as a portal for parent communication. Parents have access to assignments, grades, and are able to communicate with teachers. In essence, it brings together many of the functions of our other electronic systems, under the same roof, with a single log in. The system is entirely customizable, and the participants commented on the user friendly nature of the interface. This is especially helpful in light of the recent PYP enhancements, and the required curricular changes.

In early October, the ERC met and discussed integrating Managebac into the DP program at the secondary school. With the recommendation of the DP coordinator, Managebac entered the pilot phase. For the DP program, Managebac is a curriculum tool, as well as a vehicle for submitting Internal Assessments and the Extended Essay. This information is submitted directly to the IBO, the IB governing body. Managebac also allows advisors and teachers to follow up with students and provide targeted feedback in the terminal phase of the DP program. Given the ever changing requirements and advances in education, the introduction of Managebac to the IC electronic ecosystem will enable IC to continue to be an educational leader in the region, and serve as a flexible platform for academic innovation both locally, and internationally.