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Ain Aar Learning About Composting

Chantal Mailhac

“What is your biggest fear?” was asked to the three groups of 6èmes and 1st A & B Middle School students before starting their visit of Samen Ecogardens last week on March 28 and 29.

After students discussed with their instructors about problems that affect the globe, they named their fear: Global Warming. What is better than planting trees to fight this drastic Climate Change? And even better, do it totally chemically free? That was the proposal Mrs. Samen made to IC Ain Aar students. Using concepts that “imitate” nature in every aspect and going totally chemical free for more than 60 years, she opened for them her garden where she grows food and free-range animals while feeding her piece of land.

The students went on the tour as if they had entered a secret garden where one can find a natural treasure in every corner. They entered a whole ecosystem guiding their walk according to the ways nature grows its branches, buds and flowers and their behavior to the natural and biological pace of the circle of life. They learned why the Sycamore tree is very good friends with the coffee tree while the first one gives the right amount of shade and light to the second, and the latter enriches the soil for the first. They saw a very rich green roof and its structure. They distinguished between the leaves of many kinds of trees and saw the processes of asexual reproduction as well as pollination.

A seed was planted by IC Ain Aar students of 1st Middle and 6èmes A & B. We hope it will sprout and that this experience will inspire them to lead the change needed in their environment.