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Activities in Ain Aar

Nichole Swink

This year at IC Ain Aar, the activity menu is rich. Athletics are of course always available; however, a whole new type of activity has made its way into the campus giving our Grade one to five students great opportunities to broaden their horizons. From Brazil, teachers Grandão and Chapinha are bringing Capoeira moves, music and a new language. Tribal dances give an idea of the origins of the Cha Cha Cha, Tango and Salsa. Students are also becoming more aware of sustainability issues while designing and creating crafts with recycled material during our Green Creativity activity. Drama, Art and Fashion design offer students the opportunity to explore their very unique talents. And during the Healthy Snacks activity, they learn about healthy eating habits as well as safety in the kitchen while having a great time making their favorite recipes. All activities are offered to help and encourage our students to become well-rounded individuals growing up happy and conscious of their place in the world.

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