Alumni Events

IC is very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and committed Advancement team (located in Beirut and New York) that partners with our equally enthusiastic and committed alumni and friends around the world to re-create IC moments time and time again.  No matter where you are located geographically, there will always be something or someone close by that will provide you with that very opportunity to enjoy casting your mind back to life at IC as well as to forge ahead for the future of the school. 

Since September 2017, IC has continued its popular activities and held several high-profile and inclusive alumni and friends events in North America and the Gulf, ending with a wonderful Suhoor event in Dubai with over 300 attendees no less!

North America:

Eleven successful ‘In Aid of Scholarships’ events were held across North America and Canada in September, 2017 and February, 2018.  Starting in September with Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta and Dallas to Boston, New York, Washington and Miami on the East coast and with Houston, San Mateo and Los Angeles in February on the other side of the US.  A big thank you to all our generous hosts – it really would be impossible to achieve such a unique atmosphere and success without you.  Organized by the school’s VP for Advancement, Katherine Murphy McClintic, and attended by Moufid Beydoun, VP Alumni, as well as many alumni, friends, trustees and administrators, event attendance was high and the spirit of giving perhaps even higher.  We look forward to the next round of events coming in 2019: 

  • Washington DC on January 23 (Dinner)
  • Chicago on January 25 (Dinner)
  • Boston on January 27 (Brunch; Capacity: 40)
  • New York City on January 29 (Dinner)
  • Miami on January 31 (Dinner)
  • Atlanta on February 5 (Dinner)
  • San Mateo on February 7 (Dinner)
  • Los Angeles on February 9 (Dinner; Capacity 50)

Please note: Montreal and Toronto events have been re-scheduled to May 2019.

Gulf Events:

In addition to the North American dinner events, three IC Alumni and Friends’ Dinners were held in the Gulf in March 2018.  Again organized by IC’s Advancement team, led by Katherine Murphy McClintic, successful events were held in Bahrain, Kuwait and Jeddah.  Once again attendance was high and a very enjoyable event was held in each location.  Board members and administrators joined alumni and friends and a special thank you to all our hosts once again. 

One final event was held before the 2018 summer break, that of our Dubai Suhoor on May 19.  Indeed, it was a remarkable event that saw so many alumni and friends join IC President Dr Don Bergman, VP for Alumni Moufid Beydoun and Advancement Officer Hiba Osseiran Chamout for a lovely evening at Music Hall in the Emirate (Masrah Ramadan).