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Welcome 10th Graders
Welcome 10th Graders

The new school year is underway and many exciting things have been happening. A warm welcome was given to the new tenth graders at the Secondary School by taking the whole class to Swings located in Zaraaoun, El Metn. Organized by Dana Taher Mirza and Rama El Hasan, two of the School Counselors, the trip is intended to bring students together creating new bonds and friendships through a series of intense obstacle courses. Collaboration is an integral part of achieving success and being global citizens.

The trip included 259 students and over 20 chaperones. Students were divided into 28 groups of nine before hand to ensure that each group represented the different programs offered in the Secondary School. The teams participated in four team-based activities that pushed them to use problem-solving skills, communicate with each other, be creative and use critical thinking. The Trolley Race was one activity where all nine students from one team had to move a certain distance on the same pair of long, gigantic skis holding onto ropes. If the students did not communicate, work together, listen to team mates and plan effectively, they would not complete the challenge.

The challenges were designed to show the students what can happen when they work as a team - what they can produce and achieve. This is the second year the Secondary School has taken the tenth graders to Swings, and it proves to be a very good ice breaker. Dana Taher reported, “Students got to know each other and their teachers and advisors and saw them outside of class from a different perspective. It breaks the ice and helps new students feel comfortable. Everyone's the same.” While the students enjoyed themselves immensely and made new connections, the teachers, counselors and administrators also had a great time encouraging them and getting to know the new class.

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