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RB Elementary Drama Performance: Beauty and the Beast
RB Elementary Drama Performance: Beauty and the Beast

On Tuesday afternoon, the IC Elementary Drama Club held the premiere of this year’s performance: “Beauty and the Beast”. The following day, the actors had the opportunity to present their play to their teachers and peers. While the rush and intensity of a day full of performances gave them the ‘real acting experience,’ their journey started long before when they first joined the drama club in November.

Over the course of several months, the kids worked long and hard to develop their characters and give them their own personal twists. They worked on their character’s ‘voice and look’ and soon began working on the singing and choreography. As the pieces started falling into place, the kids then began stitching all the scenes together along with the music.

Such a journey obviously featured its fill of laughs and tears, but the memories created will forever be cherished. The past few months can best be described as a bonding experience for all. It brought together English and French sections, fourth and fifth graders, and eventually the entire Elementary School. The unbelievable support we have received from the Elementary School administration and from the kids themselves has been amazing. One of the memories that will be cherished especially is from the performance to the Upper elementary classes. Most of the kids grew quite nervous when they realized they were performing in front of their friends, but the applause and cheering that followed one of the musical numbers brought a smile to their face that not even our villain could hide (in one of his most serious scenes)!

This year-long journey has been one of growth, love and everlasting friendships. The dedication and hard work that these kids have put towards their dream and vision not only warms any heart but it also reminds us of an important lesson that we sometimes fail to shine a light on. The feeling of unity and community that the kids have enjoyed over the past week is something that I believe they will hold dear to their heart forever. They look forward to next year as they once again unite to bring together the IC community in support of their dramatic vision.

Tony Asfour, Ras Beirut Elementary Drama Club Head