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New Cafeteria Grand Opening at Ras Beirut
New Cafeteria Grand Opening at Ras Beirut

On Wednesday, September 12, International College celebrated the official opening of the three cafeterias on the Ras Beirut campus. Expanding from just one canteen, students and teachers have more options, more places to sit and enjoy their food and drinks and less time spent standing in lines. Along with the new and improved spaces, IC increased the items available while also making the food more healthy for our learners. The cafeteria is now using the catering service of Silver Spoon operated through Casper and Gambini. It is important to the IC community to promote a healthy lifestyle starting with smart food choices.

Without the cooperation of the Parent Committee at Ras Beirut, the Administration and the Board of Trustees, the campus would still be serving 1,500 Middle and High School students plus teachers out of one cafeteria. The launch has been a great success and opens the 2018-2019 year emphasizing the importance of nutrition. The students and teachers alike are very satisfied with the new additions which gives them more time on their breaks to enjoy the good food.  

In addition to the three new cafeteria spaces at Ras Beirut, the Ain Aar campus has also seen a revamp and, with the same addition of Silver Spoon catering, everyone there is very excited and looking forward to a healthy and happy year ahead. 

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