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Message from the councelors

Dear IC Families,

During our home learning time due to Coronavirus (COVID 19) we need to take care of our emotional as well as physical health. With your family focus on routines, social connections, media and social media usage;

Healthy routines

 Keep bedtimes consistent.

 Hygiene, keep daily routines of getting dressed, washing and brushing teeth.

 Keep mealtimes consistent.

 Screen time, set boundaries and family expectations together.

 Daily physical activity is important, build it into your day.

 Follow the recommendations for managing your health as recommended by AUBMC and the World Health Organisation-

Social connections

 Use technology to stay connected with family, friends, teachers and


Media and social media usage

 Limit the amount of news/social media that children are exposed to and discuss what you know as a fact and what they can do. News and social media can sensationalize things to grab our attention. Emphasize that washing hands and having good personal hygiene are ways that we can stay healthy.

 Use reputable sources for information if they are concerned such as the

World Health Organisation or refer to the information that school sent out


 Doing school work or trying to help your child/ren can be a source of tension. As an adult manage your own expectations here as well, if you find yourself getting very frustrated, manage your response, for example breathe and calmly say

"Let's take a 5 minute break to think about how we can solve this".

 Spend time together doing fun activities (board games, art projects, cooking).

 Check in with your children about their understanding of what is happening, even the oldest of our students can get and misinformation from others.

 Stay calm and positive when discussing what is happening.

Please email our counselors if your family, or child needs support with managing their thoughts, or emotions during this time and they will get in contact with you.

Warm Regards,

The IC Counseling Team

Mrs. Dana Taher (Secondary School Counselor)


Mrs. Rama El Hassan (Secondary School Counselor)


Ms. Diala Itani (Middle School Counselor Ras Beirut)


Mrs. Jodi Nielsen (Elementary School Counselor Ras Beirut)


Ikbal Habib (Elementary School Counselor Ras Beirut)

Mrs. Nahed Farran (Pre-school Counselor Ras Beirut)


Ms. Anne-Marie Moarbes (Upper School Counselor Ain Aar)


Mrs. Manale Dagher (Lower School Counselor Ain Aar)