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Kidproof Anti-Bullying Sessions in Secondary School
Kidproof Anti-Bullying Sessions in Secondary School
On Wednesday and Thursday of this week (5th and 6th September, 2018), the teachers of the Secondary School participated in hands-on anti-bullying training led by Kidproof Safety, a Canadian education provider and the world’s most trusted source in child safety. The six hours of training gave the Faculty real strategies and approaches to use when combatting bullying in the school. Mr Bruce Knox, the Secondary School Director, spoke about why Kidproof was brought in to lead this training. 
"School should be a place of welcome for everyone. When a student feels welcomed and safe they are in the best place to learn. Unfortunately, as we know, kids can make life for each other challenging through the way they treat each other. We need to deal with those behaviours head on. We need to be able to say, 'that behaviour is not acceptable here' and have a process to support that sentiment. The Kidproof training has given us the skills to begin to make those changes."
Keep an eye on this space for news of more Kidproof anti-bullying training happening across the school in the future.