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IC Cedar Hill Inauguration
IC Cedar Hill Inauguration

A Story for the Inauguration of IC's Cedar Hill in the Chouf Biosphere Reserve!

The bus left the Ras Beirut school campus with eager and proud students and parents on board. We headed towards the Chouf Cedar reserve to honor the donors (including Mrs Noura Jumblatt pictured) and supporters of our school. At the end of the winding road up the Chouf mountain, we reached the reserve where we met the rest of the IC family around a Lebanese breakfast buffet with fruits and honey and freshly baked saj delights.

A short ride into the reserve and we first stop to discover what is now called “The IC Cedar Hill”: A piece of land planted with cedar saplings in honor of the major IC donor families. A small walk later and we entered the forest under the canopy of thousand-year-old trees with the sound of flute and guitar in the air. In a small clearing in the forest we all gathered to hear some of our students share the essays they wrote on the importance of sustaining our heritage, our land and the role of their generation in protecting the earth for the future. A leading national expert on climate change, Dr Nadim Farajallah, strengthened our belief in the urgency of our role today in the preservation of our land for tomorrow. This was the closing that kept our hopes high and our plans to be the change even stronger.

By an IC Teacher and Parent