News Post

Contingency plan in the making

Dear Members of our IC Community,

I hope that you are all staying safe.

I would like to remind our students that in order for them to continue learning, teachers will be posting work on Moodle or Google Classroom today.

In spite of the fact that learning has been happening partially during the days the school has been closed, like many of you, IC's leadership and faculty are concerned with the growing number of days during which direct teaching has not happened. Please note that the plan to make up for the loss of teaching that we sent you yesterday did not take into account the two days we have missed this week. It will be revised accordingly later this week and in the future, as needed.

We are committed to putting in place whatever proves necessary to ensure that our students are prepared for their exams and for their next academic year. We will, therefore, discuss contingency plans with the Teachers' Association and the Parents' Committees to address the possibility of ongoing interruptions to our regular school schedule.

Please keep checking your emails and the School's website for updates.

Joel Peinado

IC President