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CIS/NEASC Preliminary Visit
CIS/NEASC Preliminary Visit

A team of four visitors, Dr. Lesley Stagg and Mrs. Anne Akay from CIS and Dr. Kenneth Imperato and Mrs. Amal Farhat from NEASC, toured both campuses of the school and talked with teachers, students, parents, and support staff. In preparation for the visit, Dr. Shihab gave presentations to the school’s faculty and staff on both campuses, informing them of the purpose of the visit, which is the culmination of a preliminary study; a task which was guided by the ERC. Chairpersons of the report committees included Dr. Bergman, Mrs. Mourani, Dr. Mahmud Shihab, Mr. Talal Jundi, Mrs. Hiba Chaaban, Mrs. Marie Assir, Mr. Riad Chirazi, as well as all the school directors, Mrs. Paula Mufarrij, Ms. Wadad Hoss, Miss Julia Kozak, Mrs. Fatima Kammoun, Miss Diana Abu Lebde, and Miss Lina Mouchantaf.

visit culminated in a day-long workshop conducted by CIS representative Dr. Lesley Stagg. During the workshop, 30 faculty and leaders were informed of the accreditation process, new protocols and expectations.

The next step for us will be a comprehensive self-study which is expected to take a year and will culminate in a full accreditation team visit sometime in March of 2018.