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IC's plan for the rest of the current academic year

Dear members of our IC community,

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy with your family. In today's televised address, the Education Minister announced that the Lebanese Bac exams will be cancelled and that schools will not reopen to conduct face-to-face learning for the rest of the current academic year. He also announced that public schools will finish teaching online at the end of the month of May.

Please note that IC will continue with its online learning plan until the end of IC's academic year. As indicated in our school calendar, the last day of school for all classes in Preschool through Grade 9 falls on Tuesday, June 23rd.

Secondary classes will follow the calendar that Mr Knox, the secondary school director, will send to secondary school families later this evening. We are still waiting for an announcement from the French Ministry of Education concerning the EAF in Premiere to determine the last day of school for the Premiere Bac Fran├žais.

I would like to seize this occasion to thank the IC faculty and administration for the remarkable work they have accomplished, day after day, since the confinement began. In addition to continuing to prepare for their classes, teachers are currently preparing for the transition into next year by mapping the curriculum. In this process, teachers identify what they have taught and highlight what next year's teachers will have to review and emphasize when they start the year. We know the start of next year will need to be very different from the start of previous years and are actively planning for that. In addition, teachers are uploading their online activities and videos to build a library that next year's teachers will be able to use to support your child's learning.

As we rely on your feedback to help us plan for the future, please take some time to complete the survey by clicking on the following link.

Your comments help us hone our practices and tailor them to meet your children's needs.

I am grateful for your continuous and precious support in these difficult times.

I wish you and your family peace and health.

Ramadan Kareem!

Joel Peinado