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And Off We GO!
And Off We GO!

The 2020-2021 school year began as the 2019-2020 school year ended- virtually. With the coordination of the President's Office, the HR, and the ERC, IC welcomed almost 40 new teachers to the IC family during the last week of August, in preparation for the new school year.

On Monday 24 August we started off strong with a meeting for the new foreign teachers. They were welcomed warmly with messages from Mr. Peinado, Mrs. Mufarrij, and the School Directors. This was our first fully virtual induction ever and it went well. There is a lot of material to cover when someone moves to a new country and school, especially a school as diverse as ours! The next day welcomed the new local teachers again with warm messages from Mr. Peinado, Mrs. Mufarrij, and all of the School Directors. The virtual meeting went very well, even with the sporadic electricity outages. Academic expectations and procedures were discussed, and the accomplishments of our students were highlighted- especially the distinguished students of our previous graduating class. There are many things to be proud of.

On Wednesday 26 August there was a session with the ERC. The ERC is charged with managing the learning systems IC uses like Google Classroom, Pronote, and Atlas Rubicon. New teachers were shown how to navigate Atlas Rubicon and explore all of the curricular resources IC has to offer in our digital ecosystem.

Once all of the new teachers were shown the tools IC has to offer, Dr. Shihab led a meeting with the Ed-Tech coordinators of all six schools to go over the protocols and routines associated with the e-learning systems. The goal being to keep educational continuity and alignment between both campuses. It is the goal of IC to have all schools using the same protocols as to ensure student success in all levels and programs. Everyone was excited to be collaborating again, and encouraged by all of the new changes and organization.

It was a busy week, but in true IC style, everything was done with professionalism and courtesy. We are excited to start back with full staff meetings, and getting ready for the new year and new students. We are, and will continue to be, IC Strong!