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Why Beirut? Why Lebanon? Live Love Lebanon!

The vibrant city of Beirut beckons and the picturesque villages of its mountains invite one and all to the uniqueness of what is Lebanon.  The many sects and nationalities that make up Lebanon have contributed to creating a distinctive place where it is practically impossible to feel any kind of boredom.

There is something for everyone. Skiing, hiking, and water sports are favorites among Lebanese.

Nightclubbers will also find that the Lebanese can party like no other. When it comes to music, Lebanon's festivals attract local and international divas performing to the backdrop of the majestic Baalbeck temples or the crusader walls of the Byblos citadel.

Those who prefer quiet activities:  museums and archaeological sites are plentiful. As are art and film festivals.

As for foodies, you have come to the right place. The Lebanese cuisine is renown throughout the world. And it goes well beyond the delectable  tabbouleh, kefta,  kebbeh and kababs.

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