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This section provides information on pay dates, mode of payment, and payroll deductions. 

Pay Day

Pay day is usually the 28th day of each month except when this date falls on a weekend or holiday. The Payroll Calendar displays the pay dates and is reviewed every year in accordance with the holidays recognized by the College and listed in the annual calendar.

In view of the current prevailing situation, the preset pay deadlines may be differed commensurate to the difficulties encountered upon transferring the payroll.

e-Payslip & statement of account

Faculty and staff may access their e-payslip and statement of account as follows:

  • If logged in the school network, e-payslip and statement of account is accessible here using IC username and password.
  • If accessing from home or outside school network, e-payslip is accessible here using the e-Payslip username and password provided by the IT department.

Payslips are available on pay day (Use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers).

Payroll Deductions

The College is required to withhold monthly contributions from employees’ salaries as instructed by law for Income Tax, Social Security, and Teachers’ Caisse. The salary payment also reflects monthly deductions for health insurance premiums, if you are covered under the College health insurance plan, and for payments towards loan settlements, if applicable.

Salary Transfer

The normal method of payment is by credit transfer to a bank account. Be sure to provide Human Resources with a bank voucher showing your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in order to avoid payment delays.