Career Opportunities


IC est à la recherche d'un/une bibliothécaire exceptionnel/le pour rejoindre son école primaire à Ras Beyrouth à partir de Janvier 2020. 

Le/la bibliothécaire effectue une variété de tâches, y compris la diffusion et le retour des prêts, la prestation de cours, le maintien des collections de la bibliothèque, l'aide aux élèves à trouver de l'information, et la promotion de magazines, livres et autres documents. 

Il/elle collabore régulièrement avec les enseignants et les spécialistes. Le/la bibliothécaire fait également la promotion des événements de la bibliothèque dans la communauté scolaire et vise à permettre aux élèves de développer un amour de la lecture tout au long de leur vie.

Le candidat idéal aura :

·        Une License ou un Master en métiers du livre (en bibliothèque ou sciences de l'information). BAC + 3 minimum.

·        De l'expérience en bibliothèque scolaire.

·        Une excellente maîtrise du Français : le/la bibliothécaire sera responsable de recevoir, accueillir, et instruire à la bibliothèque toutes les classes du programme Français en élémentaire.

·        Une excellente maîtrise de l'arabe et une bonne maîtrise de l'anglais.

·        Bonnes compétences en gestion du temps et en organisation et capacité à effectuer des tâches multiples et à hiérarchiser les tâches.

·        Une bonne capacité à travailler en équipe.

·        Un respect des procédures organisationnelles.

·        Une excellente éthique de travail et une attitude professionnelle.




IC is looking for a Full Time Floor Advisor to join its Secondary School in Ras Beirut, effective October 2019.   

The ideal candidate will have a:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, or related field

·         Previous experience with adolescents is preferred

·         Strong written and oral communication skills in English and French

·         Ability to work as a member of a team






Position Goal

Promotes and maintains the safety of the College campus by overseeing the daily security activities, performing routine security checks, and providing response to emergencies when required.

 Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Patrol and monitor School Facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. 
  • Ensure the implementation of overall building security strategies on a daily basis.
  • Review reports, documentation, and evidence compiled by school security officers, before submission to the administrative staff.
  • Assist the professional staff, police, and emergency personnel in handling emergencies or disruptive situations.
  • Notify the physical plant department of any emergency, potentially dangerous, or unusual situations.
  • Develop network access and monitoring policies.
  • Maintain relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement and other related government agencies.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings with security officers assigned to the school to reinforce training and discuss current issues.
  • Create global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.
  • Develop emergency procedures and incident responses.
  • Prepare and be accountable for the security budget and efficient and effective provision of operational security services to the school.
  • Implement and monitor Video surveillance used on the premises.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director

Job Requirements

  • Minimum five years of experience as a security officer
  • Good communication skills in English and Arabic
  • Computer literacy

 How to Apply


  • Applications will be carefully examined to evaluate education and experience in relationship to the specific requirements of the position.
  • Applications that do not meet the requirements will be discarded.
  • If we have job openings, applicants whose expertise is more in line with our current needs will be contacted for interview.
  • If there are no job openings, we will keep your application on active file for future reference.
  • Apply online in order to ensure that your application receives full review and consideration.