Students' Safety

Students' Safety

Dear Parents of IC Students,

It was reported to the IC administration that yesterday at dismissal, an IC student who was walking down the street past bridge gate was approached by a boy and a girl who talked to him and seemed to try to direct him toward a nearby parked car with open doors.  Our student’s mother, who was walking behind him, confronted them and made them leave. 

Rest assured that safety and security is at the heart of IC's preoccupations. Our Security Department reported the incident to the Internal Security Forces as well as to the Intelligence Office. In addition, the department has reinforced their patrol routines and CCTV surveillance. Finally, the security department will hold a general meeting tomorrow to review and discuss all the security measures, with an eye on tightening our already sound safety and security processes.

You can certainly help us at home by reminding your children not to walk alone on the streets, to always be aware of their environment, and to refrain from talking to strangers.  


Joel Peinado