A vibrant community: the IC family

A vibrant community: the IC family

Dear parents of IC students, 

It is hard to believe that five weeks of school have already gone by. I am happy to report that things are going smoothly across both campuses. A plethora of initiatives have been launched or are being continued from last year; some co-curricular and academic, others service-learning.

 Among the actions we will take, I would like to highlight this year's focus on developing a climate of mutual respect through the implementation of restorative discipline practices and anti-bullying initiatives. This will entail training administrators, teachers, students, and even parents. 

In addition, both Parents Committees are planning wonderful events that are very important to strengthening our sense of community. 

It is also that time of the year when we start reviewing our safety procedures with the students and with the adults of the school. Therefore, the school will soon be conducting fire drills and other safety drills. 

I would like to seize this opportunity to remind everyone that no weapons are allowed on our campuses and that students should not bring sharp or potentially harmful objects to school either. Drivers or bodyguards will not be authorized to enter the campus if they carry a weapon. In case of repeated occurrences, they will be definitively barred from the school premises. 

I thank you for entrusting IC with your children’s education and for contributing to making our school more than a mere educational institution but rather a vibrant community: the IC family! 

Joel Peinado