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Kabalan Frangieh '94, Ambassador to Lebanon in South Africa: “This career is my journey in life and is still a discovery process for me". “What I do know for sure is that I want to be involved in Lebanon, and I like to make the life of Lebanese living abroad easier. Lebanon is my country and I will fight for it till the end.”

Kamal Sinno graduated from IC in 1957 and eight years later, founded Toy Market, a leading provider of high-quality toys, baby products and apparel across the Middle East & Africa. In 2011, he established the Lebanese Food Bank (LFB), an NGO dedicated to providing healthy meals to hungry families across the country – feeding up to 3,000 people per day.
“There are Lebanese who are hungry,” said Sinno. “And there is nothing more painful than hunger and nothing that makes a human more desperate than hunger.”
Since the start of the ongoing crisis, volunteers and donations of money and food have been flowing in.
“Good people are all around us and eager to help,” said Sinno. “I have seen the Lebanese rise up to the occasion. Hundreds of people are giving us food and donations. I am proud to see that the Lebanese love the Lebanese.”

Stefano, a successful alumnus who launched his own company during his journey at IC back in 2016 when he was just 17 years old. For him, IC is the place where ideas come into fruition. "IC creates the ideal environment to talk to users, test and tweak your idea and get feedback from a considerable network of people." Fallaha said. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Podio by Fallound Inc., an award-winning and funded tech company that develops audio software and apps to consumers in the MENA region and Europe. As an IC student, he stresses on the role of the institution in implementing team work as a core skill: “Ever since preschool, IC always shed the light on the importance of team work; from group projects to presentations to PE classes". Stefano preaches this spirit which played a major role in bringing him and the Podio Team to where they are today. 


“IC nourished my leadership and communication skills, made me embrace my strong independent personality, and empowered me to pursue my career against all odds”, says Akaber Halawi ’99, Assistant Professor in Head and Neck Surgery at University of Forida. She stresses on the importance of diversity at IC: “The exposure to diverse cultures at IC teaches you to respect different cultures and stay true to yours”. She strongly advises IC students to acknowledge “the importance of choosing the career of their choice, re-assessing their goals every few years and prioritizing family and giving back to society”. A very fun fact about our successful alumni and one of her best memories at IC was the annual IC Kermess. She was one of the members of the famous fortune telling booth: “None of us had fortune telling skills but it’s impressive to see how people were willing to stand in line on a hot summer day to have his/her palm read”


Fadi Mirza graduated in 1995. He attended three of the best universities in the world: The American University of Beirut , Tufts University in Boston and Columbia University in New York, to get his degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. As a board-certified doctor, he was able to practice in the United States, as well as, in Lebanon. Currently, he works at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. He is also active in teaching and involved in research. For him, IC has helped in shaping his life: “IC has instilled in me a sense of pride and self-confidence that has pushed me forward at various stages of my education and career”. From our successful doctor to our future IC graduates: “Never forget that as an IC student, the sky is your limit”.

When it comes to women empowerment, Rebecca Zaatar ’07, has carved her unique and successful path in the booming and competitive fashion industry. She is the founder and creative director of THYM, a women’s evening ready to wear brand that is feminine, minimal, yet edgy and playful. When recalling her days at IC, she strongly remembers the talent shows she used to win every year and her favorite time of the day: art class. “IC helped in building my character, awakening my creative side and letting me explore it while keeping a business mind. It also inspired me to dream big. I believe that hard work and perseverance will get you anywhere”. Zaatar also highlights the importance of knowledge: “be curious and hungry. Everything you learn will make you who you are, and will be used one way or another, sooner or later in whichever path you take. Knowledge is an asset and you could never have enough of it.”


Joze Piranian ’07 is a motivational speaker and a stand-up comedian who is “overcoming a debilitating stutter through public speaking”. His motivational speeches talk about conquering fears, building resilience and fulfilling ones true potential in life.
When delivering his touching yet strong words about IC, Piranian got emotional as he was expressing his feelings and telling his stories. He emphasized on the importance of diversity at IC, both culturally and religiously, and the impact it has on students: “This diversity gave me an international perspective and made me dream big and perceive the world as an extension of IC as opposed to something separate”. For the current IC students and the graduating class, Piranian sends across crucial advice: Own who you are, do the things that make you feel afraid or uncomfortable, and finally dream big: “if you had told me that I would become who I am today, I would have never believed it especially with my stuttering.”

Salim El Hoss ’48 initiated the Salim El-Hoss Bioethics & Professionalism Program (SHBPP), an interdisciplinary resource for faculty, students & health care providers at the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine (AUBFM) who are involved in bioethics education, research & consultation in Lebanon and the region.

The SHBPP/AUB FM Humanism & Professionalism Award, the first of its kind in the Arab world, honors qualities of compassionate care & selfless dedication to excellence. It is granted to the physician & resident who exemplifies the humane & professional aspects of medicine & who is exceptionally proficient, compassionate, kind, responsible & concerned about the welfare of patients, colleagues, staff & students.
This year, the SHBPP AUBFM (AUBFM) & Medical Center (AUBMC) awarded Alumni Dr. Salim Rahhal ‘07, graduating resident in the Department of Surgery & Dr. Fady Haddad, Associate Professor of Clinical Specialty in the Department of Surgery.