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  • Admission to applicants is open only to grades where vacancies are available, and potential students must meet the criteria determined by the Admissions Committee. 
  • There is no connection between donations and the admissions process.
  • All applicants are vetted on their academic capacity and ability to learn and grow as future leaders. IC has an impeccable reputation for academic success,  and strives to continue that tradition.  

2022-23 Official Exam Results

Admission is initially considered after filling an online admissions application. Submitting personal reference information and specific documents/student records from previous schools and successful completion of IC’s screening and testing process in the level desired. In addition, IC will send a digital form to previous schools with specific questions about the new applicant, and in addition, ask for a recommendation letter.

Application Documentation 

Before an application will be considered the following records must be submitted:

  • A recent color passport photo of the applicant.
  • A copy of the I.D. card, passport, اخراج قيد فردي (applicant and parents). 
  • A copy of the birth certificate from the hospital in which the child was born (Preschool). 
  • A copy of the diploma if parent(s) is/are I.C. graduate(s) (Preschool).
  • Academic records of the past two years from previous school/s if applicable.
  • Medical records including vaccination records. IC is not an allergy free school. 
  • Parent statement form stating reasons for choosing IC. 
  • A statement from the principal of the last attended school regarding character and academic status.
  • Application. 
  • Application fee.

The school may require additional documents at any stage during the application process.

Parents are responsible to follow-up and submit all documents required by the school.