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Curriculum and Programs

IC offers four programs- the Lebanese Program, the French Program, The International Baccalaureate, and the American College Preparatory Program. IC implements the Primary Years Programme across all early years and primary grade levels. After PYP, students are able to choose their program of study.  Every program aims for excellence at all levels, and embraces the education of the whole person. Graduates of IC will have developed self-discipline, problem-solving abilities, social responsibility, self-confidence, and awareness of, and respect for the interdependence of nations and all their diversity.

More Information on the Programs Offered

International College is fully equipped for both the virtual and face-to-face educational environments and has the relevant resources to promote and facilitate access to the school’s programs for all students. 

Additional Information 

The school fosters intercultural understanding through communicating in a variety of ways, including language. 

All programs require students to study three languages: 

  • Arabic as the host country language
  • A language of instruction (French or English)
  • An additional language (French in the English stream and English in the French stream). 
  • Other additional languages are offered at the Secondary School, based on the program chosen. 

IC describes clearly in its academic integrity policy the rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community, specifically what constitutes good practice and misconduct, and the consequences of any transgression or violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. 

The rigorous academic environment at IC contributes to a 100% acceptance rate to top universities in Lebanon, Europe, North America, and worldwide.