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Assessment and Acceptance

Preschool applicants are admitted only on the basis of a qualifying interview upon vacancies permitting.

Other students are selected on the basis of their academic records from the last two years and school recommendation, as well as passing the IC Entrance Examination.

  • Those students will be required to sit for an entrance exam and an interview (on site when possible or remotely).  
  • Entrance exams may be adapted to specific situations when necessary. 
  • Entrance exams and interviews are determined by the relevant school Admissions Team based on the school assessment policy that helps create a culture of continuous learning and growth and clearly states what constitutes good assessment practices. 

Upon receipt of the applicant’s results, the school director determines if the applicant meets IC’s requirements.  Additional testing may be required. 

After completing the interview or the entrance exams, IC’s Admissions Committee meets and makes the final decision regarding admission. The Admissions Committee is composed of the President, Vice-president and the specific School Director. 

Admission Criteria

  • At preschool, applicants are admitted based on a qualifying interview with the candidate, as well as an interview with his/her parents. 
  • At other schools, applicants are considered based on previous academic achievements, the results of IC’s entrance exams, and a qualifying interview with the applicant, as well as an interview with his/her parents.


While IC gladly accepts and selects students from all different backgrounds, students in the following categories are given priority:

  • Siblings of current IC students - provided there are no outstanding financial obligations to IC
  • Children of IC faculty and staff
  • Children of IC alumni
  • International students
  • Children of AUB faculty and staff

Final Selection

Final selection decisions are made by the Admissions Committee.

Communication of Admissions Results

A letter of acceptance or regret will be sent from the Admissions Office to the child’s parents, informing them about the results. 

The admission process is not complete until payment is settled. 

If, for any reason, after a child has been accepted, parents do not wish to enroll him or her at IC, they must inform the admissions office and the relevant school, in writing so the vacancy can be allocated to other applicants.