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Admissions Procedures


IC’s admission policy is guided by the school’s mission and vision, which are, “to educate young men and women to be capable of initiative and critical thinking, who will serve as role models in a global society,” and, “to inspire learners of today to be global citizen leaders of tomorrow.” 

International College is an international competitive co-educational private day school located in Lebanon, on the East Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with two campuses, one in Ras Beirut, and a mountain campus in Ain Aar. IC is one of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the MENA region. We strive to be a welcoming school and as such, IC is an equal opportunity school, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality,  political affiliation, or country of origin. Acceptance of students with special needs will be limited by space and resource availability, taking into account our available human resources and the ability to provide high quality learning opportunities and support for all our students to reach their full potential.

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