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Student Selection

Students are selected for admission to IC based on academic potential, school achievement, and readiness for the school’s rigorous and robust curriculum. At IC, we inspire our students to become ethical, responsible, critical thinking, and open-minded risk-takers. We instill in our students the necessary thinking, social, communication, self-management, and research skills. To be successful at IC, students must be willing to work hard and be committed to our program. In addition, students are expected to develop proficiency in English, French, and Arabic*.  IC caters to students with mild to moderate learning support needs.

Vacancy Levels

The main entry levels for new students usually are:

  • Nursery/Petite Section
  • First Intermediate/Sixième/Grade 6
  • Fifth Secondary/Seconde/Grade 10

Applicants to other grade levels will be considered if vacancies become available. Qualified candidates will be placed on a waiting list. Parents must renew their applications every year to be reconsidered for admission.

Admission Criteria 

  • Students are considered and selected based on previous academic achievement, previous school recommendations, interviews, as well as the results of the IC’s Entrance Exams. 
  • Preschool applicants are admitted based on a qualifying interview.

 Age Limits 

  • Applicants to the Nursery/Petite Section level must be three (3) years of age by October 15 of the academic year.

* Students admitted to the non-Lebanese programs, who have an exemption from the Lebanese Program issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Education, are not required to study regular Arabic but will be placed in the special Arabic program.