IC school counselors address the needs of every one of the school’s 3,600 students through the implementation of a comprehensive, standard-based, developmental school counseling program.  Counselors are found right across both campuses and in all schools.  Their work is differentiated by attention to age-specific developmental stages of student growth and the needs, tasks and student interests related to those stages.  Professional school counselors work with all students, including those who are considered at-risk, and those deemed to require special attention.  They are specialists in the well-being of children on a psycho-social-emotional and behavioral level, and they provide assistance to students through four primary interventions: counseling (individual and group), large group guidance, consultation and referral and coordination with outside mental health professionals.

Please contact the various counselors direct using the information below: 

Mrs. Dana Taher (Secondary School Counselor)

Phone: (961) 01 360753/4  Ext: 188


Ms. Diala Itani (Middle School Counselor)

Phone: 01/ 364 158 Ext: 179


Ms. Ghania Kabbara (Elementary School Counselor)

Phone: 01/ 364 158 Ext: 344


Mrs. Jodi Nielsen (Elementary School Counselor)

Phone: 01/ 364 158 Ext: 309


Mrs. Asma Dibsi (Preschool School Counselor)

Phone: 01/360837 Ext.237


Ms. Anne-Marie Moarbes (Upper School Counselor)

Phone: 04/ 928 468 Ext: 527


Mrs. Manale Dagher (Lower School Counselor)

Phone: 04/ 928 468 Ext:539