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Middle School

The Middle School community is committed to fostering academic and  personal growth where students, parents, teachers and administrators work together to enhance learning. Ultimately, all members of the community share a common goal: 

Academic and personal success for each student in the Middle School

The Middle School of IC is a four-year cycle covering grades 6 through 9 or first intermediate through fourth intermediate. With over 750 students at the Ras Beirut campus and 460 in Ain Aar, the Middle School offers three different programs:

  1. The Lebanese Program: This program prepares students for the official Lebanese Brevet examination in one of two tracks: English (where the main language of instruction is English) and French (where the main language of instruction is French). 
  2. The College Preparatory Program: This is an English medium  non-Brevet program.
  3. The French Program: This is a French program that eventually prepares students for the official French Baccalaureate examination.

Students' personal growth is fostered through a challenging curriculum consisting of a traditional core syllabus, music and art programs and a physical education program. Personal growth is also enhanced by students' participation in an extensive extracurricular program. 

Character development is nurtured by an Advisory Program which helps students express their thoughts, feelings and concerns.

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