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Why the Primary Years Program?

The Primary Years Programme is a transdisciplinary programme that focuses on developing internationally-minded learners who are agents of their own learning. Based on the premises of agentic learning, and central to the framework, the programme emphasizes concept based inquiry that is engaging, significant, challenging and relevant.  

 PYP students develop knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills, and attributes of the IB learner profile to take action and make a positive difference in their own lives, community, and world.



The Elements of PYP

  1. Transdisciplinary Themes

The Programme of Inquiry is organized and framed by six transdisciplinary themes, which provide our students with an opportunity to experience a coherent and balanced curriculum. 

  1. Key Concepts

Concepts are powerful, broad, and abstract organizing ideas that build conceptual understanding across, between, and beyond subjects. Concepts transfer learning to new contexts.

  1. Learner Profile Attributes

The Learner Profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st Century. The Learner Profile unites us all with a common focus: on the whole person, as a life-long learner and international minded individual.

  1. Approaches to Learning

ATLs are deliberate strategies grounded in the belief that learning how to learn is paramount to a student's life. The ATLs consist of five categories of interrelated skills and associated sub skills .

  1. Student Action

Action is a demonstration of learning. It can be student-initiated, individual, and collective. Action is connected to agency, the Learner Profile attributes, and international mindedness.


The PYP Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is a culminating event in the final year of the PYP. During this collaborative experience, students showcase the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, and celebrate their transition to Middle School. Students choose an area for exploration or issue that they would like to explore; they plan, document and reflect on their learning of knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding. 

Ras Beirut PYP Exhibition

A Celebration of Learning 

 Ain Aar PYP Exhibition

A Celebration of Learning 

International College - Ain Aar PYP

International College - Ras Beirut DP & PYP

Parent/Guardian/Student Complaint Procedures

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